We have developed various apps and Windows software for the location-independent retrieval of information about your TEWE plant. So you can weigh your goods comfortably from your vehicle via your smartphone without leaving your vehicle. Furthermore, we offer you different programs for the recording of consumption data or for the visualization of important analysis data of your biogas plant.

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The "FZW Dokusoftware" is used to control the truck scale terminals. The evaluation of the weighings can be done according to customer, product, batch or date. The printout of the weighing notes is done automatically.

With extensive additional functions the process can be extended at will - e.g. mobile phone apps, radio remote control, traffic light control, camera recordings, Google-Maps impact detection, web browser control.

"Weight Control" is a Windows software for displaying and monitoring of up to 100 weighing systems, e.g. TEWE MVD-16. The consumption of the components can be recorded by automatic or manual storage. Furthermore, the export of the data to Microsoft Excel is possible.

The free app "iScale" (for iOS devices) or "SmartScale" (for Android devices) provides in combination with the "FZW Dokusoftware" the optimal remote control function for the Smartphone and your scale from TEWE. Perform weighing without leaving your vehicle. Just select your vehicle, the lot number and the product, confirm the weighing and the TEWE software does the rest.

The Biogas Data Logger is a Windows software for the evaluation and visual presentation of the data stored in the PLC. It is also possible to export the data to Microsoft Excel.