Solutions for special applications

Partial view of a production plant for the production of rape oil. The whole system is controlled and monitored by a control system produced by TEWE Elektronic.


Sections of a large system used to store, distribute and mix liquid components. Ultrasonic probes, inductive flow meters, pressure sensors and electro-pneumatic valves are responsible for the registration and monitoring of filling levels and quantities. In combination with our computer system TEWE-STAR, all switching operations and states are precisely registered with regard to the time when they were executed, visualized and stored.


A big feeding system for the supply of 1000 sows, 3000 piglets and 1000 fattening pigs. This system comprises 15 storage silos, 10 big storage containers (35-50m³) for feed components, 4 mixing containers for the parallel supply of the different animal stocks and 800 valves for the feed dosage. The registration of all animal data and consumption data as well as the complete control of the system is realized by the process computer TEWE-STAR.