The constructions of barns in agricultural areas have considerably increased in recent years.
It has become apparent that the providers of telephone lines are often not willing to install a telephone connection at such faraway construction sites. TEWE offers a GPRS-module which guarantees independence from fixed phone networks. This module allows the connection of up to four participants with Ethernet interface in the barn. Through this, you can control and adjust the feeding and ventilation processes in the barn directly or over the Internet.

Our sales team should appreciate to give you more detailed information about this module.

So far, control processes and communication at high transmission speed between 2 control computers or between a PC and a control computer have been limited to short distances only.

The two-wire technology in combination with 2 modems has recently allowed to bridge distances of up to 1000 m in length at a data transmission speed of 10 M-byte/ sec.
The needed cable is not subject to special requirements. Therefore, you can also use free copper wires from multi-core valve cables for setting up this communication.

Hardware equipment of the telephone dialing unit:

  • 4 potential-free alarm inputs, i.e. the device calls up to 4 different telephone numbers in case of emergency
  • alarm acknowledgement via key code from the telephone
  • programming via telephone or PC
  • emergency power supply via 9 V block battery
  • "BZT"-approved in Germany