Feed fermentation

Pig farming is currently undergoing major changes caused by higher rental charges, rising feed costs, higher standards on the health status of the animals and improved environmental protection measures.
As a manufacturer of feeding systems we are unable to influence rent prices, but what we can do is offer farms that are already working with liquid feeding systems further benefits in the form of plant extensions for feed fermentation.

When properly managed and operated it can offer a range of benefits which we have summarised below:

  • Less use of high-cost protein providers (soya)
  • Improved feed conversion through the use of hydrothermally treated feedstuffs.
  • Reduced segregation of the liquid feed due to higher homogeneity
  • Improved intestinal health due to a higher proportion of lactic acid bacteria and hence reduced use of antibiotics
  • Reduction of the nitrogen and phosphorus content in the slurry
  • Increase in the marginal return of up to 5 euros per fattening animal

Contact one of our specialist advisers to find out how fermentation could benefit your business.