Feeding for sows (PigStart)

The TEWE suckling pig feeding system (PigStart) ensures the optimal supplementary provision of the piglets and improves the weight of the weaned piglets. High weaned weights improve the output figures in the subsequent rearing of the piglets up until the fattening period.

The TEWE suckling pig feeding system (PigStart) enables an improvement in the weaning weight of the litter of up to 1 kg per piglet without additional stress on the sow. The uniform supplementary feeding achieves a more even weaning weight, because weaker piglets are able to consume sufficient feed supplements. The application of standard piglet feed ensures a high feed consumption at minimum cost.

  • Dosing of piglet milk, prestarters and piglet feed
  • Manual mixing up to fully automatic expansion
  • Automatic blending of individual feedstuffs
  • Automatic hygiene programme
  • Precise recording of the dosed feed quantities
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the trough dishes (optional)